Halep Soap


The main project objective has been to provide an occupation to Syrian refugees and home-owner society members by improving their theoretical and practical knowledge and skills regarding Halep soap production with a training program. Besides the production trainings, the project also aims the integration of societies with lectures teaching how to read and write in Turkish. And another objective of the project is for the involved women to gain sustainable income so that they don’t require the support of another.


After the participants receive their theoretical trainings at the Public Education Center of Artuk Municipality, they attend practical training at Gurbet Aksel Soap Workshop and became soap producers. 35 women working in the production process that begin with the pulp of Derik olives reached a production volume of 20 thousand soaps, and began selling these via the cooperative


  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Labor and Social Security
  • Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Administrative Supervisor Ceyda Bölünmez Çankırı
  • Governorship of Mardin
  • District Governorship of Mardin Artuklu
  • Municipality of Mardin Artuklu, Public Education Center
  • Turkish Employment Agency
  • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)