Harran Gastronomy School

from the first University of the World to the first Gastronomy School of Mesopotamia...


Harran in-holds numerous historical and cultural treasures since it hosted numerous ancient civilizations, and located at the junction of old trade roads. And today, it needed the drive to ensure the sustainability of the civilization experience gained from history and to become more functional in the modern world.

With Harran Gastronomy School Project, it was aimed to embrace the local values of Harran and the regional geography, to record the almost-forgotten local products and recipes, to support the integration of Syrian refugees to social life, and to contribute to the regional economy by converting women to a qualified workforce.


Within the scope of the project, the offerings of a thousands of years old cultural blend were recorded in an inventory composed of local products and recipes of Harran and the region. During the project period, total of 108 individuals including 44 Syrians completed their education and received their certificate in Harran Gastronomy School. 64 of these 108 individuals are women and 44 are men. The participants, who received their certificates, make a living by cooking in state school cafeterias or AFAT refugee camps. Thanks to these efforts, the women of the region found a place for themselves in life, the production increased and thus the rural development and economic sustainability of the region were supported.


  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Labor and Social Security
  • Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Administrative Supervisor Ceyda Bölünmez Çankırı
  • Governorship of Mardin
  • District Governorship of Mardin Artuklu
  • Municipality of Mardin Artuklu
  • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • Hayatım Yenibahar Foundation to Support Economic Development and Social Entrepreneurship
  • From Soil to Plate, Agricultural Development Cooperative