If There is Bee, There is Life


With the organized Apiculture and Honey Production Program, awareness is raised regarding subjects such as apiculture, honey production and hive yield to help ensuring the sustainability of bees. Another goal of the project is to extend healthy and local honey production in Mardin and surrounding, and to help the locals and especially women not owning a farmland to gain a sustainable income.


After the theoretical trainings, the participants attended a practical training in Derik district of Mardin to learn beekeeping and honey production. Thus, they gained the chance to make their living as a beekeeper and honey producer, and learned a new profession. Through the project, the beneficiaries received courses regarding beekeeping and honey production, Turkish language, occupational health&safety and hygiene. The production will soon start with the hives and tools provided to the participants of the project.


  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Labor and Social Security
  • Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Administrative Supervisor Ceyda Bölünmez Çankırı
  • The Red Crescent
  • Governorship of Mardin
  • District Governorship of Mardin Artuklu
  • Municipality of Mardin Artuklu, Public Education Center
  • Turkish Employment Agency
  • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)